3D Boot Camp

3D Boot Camp

3D Boot Camp

I hear some bafflement out there. An image you can reposition in space?

Say you had a Jack in the Beanstalk book as a kid. It told Jack’s story in text, illustrated in pictures. You learned to read and your hands didn’t notice learning to turn the pages as you followed.

Illustrations could be counted on to advance alongside the narrative. This we learned without it being pointed out. Same way sunrise follows sunset — it’s how we notice the world works.

You have been promised ever since learning to read that illustrations could be grokked as quickly as you devour the storyline.

Now shift gears. Something new is cresting your horizon. Something no life form on earth has tested their perceptions on. You might as well start getting used to it.

Start with this example to play with — and find which way is up.

Scribble jiggle with your mouse. Ducks up? Ducks down?

Viewing the Mona Lisa or an illustration in an Oz book requires an eye skill. If your art appreciation develops your eye skills gain sophistication.

What you need here is an eye-and-hand skill, like plucking a fruit from a tree.

I was hoping to follow this post with an example of how some 3D files enable you to pass through walls into a room behind. I devoted a gouge of time to sorting thrpugh my collection of Places without hitting my favorite example. There are about 750 iamges and the time I spent delving wasn’t enough.  Anorher post down the road.

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