THIS — is what I’m talking about.

THIS — is what I’m talking about.



Photograph by Ivanna Torres of Unsplash. On I cannot find Ivanna_Torres, Ivanna Torres, Ivanna, Torres (plenty of Torres’s but not the right one.) Aha! Ivanna Torres. I followed the photo ID on Google.




I can’t find this photographer though I collected her work within the last two days. Ouch!   …OK, now I have her but want it on record that I often can’t find photographers directly on unsplash. Bah.


Torres clearly has a camera that can be submerged and she’s taking shots that focus partly underwater and partly out in the free air. This isn’t the only shot of Torres’ I pulled off unsplash but it’s the one I fixated on.


This is the use of a tool that I love to see.  The artist is exploring the fringes of what effects the tool will allow. It’s an extraordinary shot, surreal, edgy, beautiful.. I want to follow her explorations. It occurs to me that a split view can be achieved in multiple ways.

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