An Easy First Step

An Easy First Step

An Easy First Step

Screenshot example of  Sketchfab main screen
Screenshot example of Sketchfab main screen

You can enter the world of 3D imaging from many a portal but I first got firm footing at It continues to enrich me and I heartily recommend it to you.

Sketchfab is a marketplace, a stand-up-and-share-in-class at all levels, a heavily trafficked website where the flow-rate of ideas moves smartly past. I see a rough division between those who document and those who illustrate.

LiDAR (lidar), which uses laser waves to detect surfaces like photography uses light, is a breakthrough technology. Lidarers can produce impeccable scans of everything from dandelions to monasteries.

The illustrators often are fans of a favorite game or storyline. How various fans envision the same villain or hero tells you lots about their standing as artists. Styles vary from cutesy to serious visual explorations and the site doesn’t tolerate snarky opinions.

Off on varied edges of the scene are experimentalists who fiddle with 3D capabilities to see what they’ll do. Wiggle this guy’s head with your cursor. 6c02b3481add4410a1e6bed980e1219e

Sketchfab offers an endless buffet with platters of coddled eggs, tamales, chocolate croissants and wild boar bacon.Someone specializes in collecting windmills of the Baltic States, another studies species’ walk styles, others make wild geometrical fancies.

It’s simple to start your own collections of styles, content, techniques. Like an image? Click “add to” beneath it. This invokes the “Add to collection” and at the bottom of this window, “+ Create New Collection.” You name it what you want.

Collect whatever piques your interest. Your curiosity will never lead you far from your heart.

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