Mondays from the Past

CREDITS: Sloan Nota, Riots. 2019
4000×3000 pixels
Reference #H005. Archived here

Groups of running legs and urgent arm gestures. Riots, wars, swarming strangers being gunned down. Few of us have the experiences but second-hand we color our coffee with running fear.

The photos require a photographer who maybe risked their life or may have set the camera-trap. The instantity of the capture, its ability to summarize and symbolize, were won by the photographer. I copy but I’m beholden.

It’s helpful to to source humans by divided them at the waist, a set of hard-bent legs running under a set of flailing arms. The artist, me, seeks actions that cross a camera’s path. I treat both photos with unlike artistic styles to disguise them from their originators.

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