LuxDraw by Norbyte

LuxDraw by Norbyte

LuxDraw by Norbyte


Couple of months back I bought the app LuxDraw from Norbyte. It offered to let me draw overall patterns. I’m a sucker for that so I downloaded it. Free plus $3.99 for the pro upgrade.


Due to some infelicitous interaction with my Mac I can’t see what I’m drawing. Just a black screen with four square dots. You have to change screens to see what you’ve scribbled blindly.


The developer says he’ll fix it “soonish”. I don’t know this developer so I’ve no idea how “ish” he’ll be.


Meantime I’m scribbling and playing with ways to incorporate scribbles in art. My goal keeps being to mix oil and water so here are a few examples.


01 A pattern from scribbles and something mine with a yellow background.


02,03 Differing the ratio of scribble to onlay. (onlay: kristopher-allison-6x90rJDo-WA-unsplash .jpg).


04,05 Testing luminosities as a scribble background. (black silhouette: marco-mons-1N5-_cAAclw-unsplash.jpg).


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