Where Are you in 3D Space?

Where Are you in 3D Space?

Where Are you in 3D Space?

A 3D app is all about creating and experiencing the particular realities of XYZ space — horizon, vertical, depth. You could slice it into countless 2D units, interlocking XY “photo” versions that sum to a reality with deep creases and perspective. What Renaissance painters trained a civilization’s brains to notice that their eyes actually saw.

They pointed to it. Then it was there.

It’s good to stay mindful of what spatial experience a designer has created for you.

This windmill has been scanned inside and out — pull yourself through the wall and view the interior. You’ll only know which files allow this by trying. Otherwise you may see the bones of the 3D geometry itself.

credit:  Degoles Windmill, photogrammerty and 3D model by SAULIUS.ZAURA.

In St. Stephen Walbrook Church the outer walls have been left open. As with the windmill, you can view up into a dome. Also compare the effects of minimal windows and the magnificent skylight in the church.

credit: St. Stephen Walbrook Interior, by ARTFLETCH

In Sketchfab the convention is that every model exists in an expanding emptiness. You can always view it from beyond the boundaries. Here you’re tunneled inside four walls but it’s worth noticing that the outside view is textured also. One wonders why.

When artists are allowed to specify a boundary inside the model’s edges our expressive possibilities will expand exponentially.

credit: Tunnel 3, by MOHAMED.AMIR94812

Here you walk around a Chicago city block, Behind you is unreadable. Your head is in a vise. This example exhibits the effect known as “normals” (to be covered in a later blog). In this case the normals have been turned off in the Sketchfab software resulting in the scan of the outside of the block’s murals seeminlngly identical when viewed from inside the block.

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