Complicated Path

Complicated Path

Mondays from the Past
Complicated Path

CREDITS: Sloan Nota, Complicated Path. 2020.
Images used include: 1) boot,, Various 0165 [seems recently removed from site]; 2) bubbliy abstract,, okeykat-nYGMnyZHR21.

Today starts a new blog feature you can expect on each Monday – a sample from my artmaking past as I’ve developed what I call Clastic art.  The word clastic is stolen from geology.  The moment I read it I knew it was how I needed to make art – from pieces.  From this and that.  From a 1950s aproned housewife proffering muffins, from an FDA official photo of the bulldog breed, plus some plaid or polka dots.

Truth is, life throws inconceivable flotsam in our line of sight ceaselessly.  We’ve immersed in unconnected bits of realness.  My delight is finding artistic order in whatever handful I’ve grabbed from the flow today.

So Mondays here will showcase various paths that making art has led me down.

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