The Dawn of Clastics

The Dawn of Clastics

The Dawn of Clastics

At a point in my life when I was so stressed I felt suddenly that my personal boundaries might not hold, I turned to some papers and cut out two pictures. It was the angriest pair of pictures I could imagine. It was possibly the best thing I ever did.

I glued the pictures to some lined paper and glared at it. At that moment I stopped trying to make “good” art and began to make art for myself.

I saw that I could make an image I could feel was true. It wasn’t a likeness of a person or bowl of pears or a perfect sphere and pyramid. I’d tried — that was what you were supposed to do. And I felt always beaten and inadequate.

Suddenly — like sticking your finger in an electric socket — I had purpose. And it wasn’t their purpose, it just made sense to me. Like a lighthouse beacon turned on out there in the fog.

The rest of the story is my life.

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