Time Passage

Time Passage

Credits: Sloan Nota, 2023

Time Passage

Time twirls down the egg timer’s little waist. Nothing is appearing on this blog.

Image you were sorting files and they ended (temporarily, mind you) in one folder four + TB big and then you found that folder in your computer’s trash. When you tried to put it back only computer logic as we recognize it can say it can’t go back because there’s not enough room back where it came from.

I now have a new 8TB drive with all my Photoshop files nicely parceled into a 1.7TB master folder, sifted out for all time. New Photoshop work is piling into a from-now-on folder which has a life to live. This 8TB drive has varieties of my art in 2D. Another 8TB drive has all my works in 3D and 4D (including music and text), plus all my external source materials.

Each has a mirror drive that lives in a security box at the bank. I can hold most of a life’s work in two hands.

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