I Can’t Get There from Here

I Can’t Get There from Here

Thinking about that which cannot be thought about.  The emerald stashed in the heart of a Japanese temari ball — you’re delighted by the expert working of threads but it’s just a tchotchke.  Think of a hairy barbarian’s embarrassment if his mates caught him with a toy amongst his loot. Only you know the emerald’s inside and maybe the brute has already killed you off.

Or there’s a young dog digging feverishly in a sand pile.  Glee is in his eyes as they disappear into the hole.  But he never finds a thing.

This is the stalled artist trying to think her way back into creativity.  To enter the wordless via reasoning. To listen for silence while clapping both hands.

Japanese temari ball.
Golden temari ball. via Japanese Temari Blog by Barb Suess.




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