When Art Pulls an Artist in Different Directions

When Art Pulls an Artist in Different Directions

All photography in this post by JanLeonardo                          via his website

Here is a great example of an artist with two sides to him.  These delicately-colored landscapes, so subtle and still, are the work of JanLeonardo, one of the gonzo light-painters.     [see June 15]

He’s a founder of the artform Light Art Performance Photography (LAPP) which

differs slightly from standard light painting in that the camera is capturing an artist’s performance.  The artist’s light movements are generally choreographed and rehearsed prior to the exposure being taken.   

[JanLeonardo via LPP]

Vehement action, the theater of moving lights, versus a contemplative look at how light shapes a scene, a place at rest.  This doesn’t always happen in art, an artist with more than one inner voice to answer to.  Artists stretch and mature, our lives change, our abilities grow, a new press or foundry opens up in town.   We swerve.  But not every artist has two such different impulses to appease.  To perform at will, or to wait for an unsure moment to arrive.

An artist creating art is working.  Look at these landscapes and imagine the trek, the schlep, the wait.  The worry about an outcome partly in the hands of nature.  And see too the sensitivity to color, the camera skills, in capturing these effects.

Here’s a set-up by the German photographer that paid off in Spain.  No choreography, all wait and see.


Note: JanLeonardo was the originating half of the duo LAPP-PRO.   Since early 2011 he has continued his over-the-top light performance photography work under his own name.  Two are below.



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NB: The field of LAPP is a mare’s nest of names and terminology.

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