Me, Artist

Me, Artist


This is a story about an artist who started a blog and stopped making art.  Me.  Not making art came as a surprise — I love it, and sometimes I do something good.  Or do I?  Is it good enough?  If you’re a creator you know the feeling.

And then that other feeling, the craving, the need to jump in and do it some more.

I do best when I start with an image — one of my own, maybe something I’ve done in Poser or ZBrush, or some clipart or public domain.  Point is that I combine.  So the results can get more and more complex.  And next time they may get moreso.  It’s how I’m wired.

Sometimes they’re done.

Crucifiction by Sloan Nota, 1980s                     collage of magazine, book, and newspaper images


The Price of Democracy is Constant by Sloan Nota, photo mosaic, 1990s    84 x 60 inches      photography (Lincoln Memorial and my gloved hand), mosaic  (apologies for the  image quality)

 untitled by Sloan Nota, 2011     6224 x 4650 pixels, 150 dpi          public domain images, Poser, Photoshop

untitled sculpture by Sloan Nota                                  public domain images, Photoshop


Gate by Sloan Nota        5799 x 3000 pixels, 150 dpi         Poser, Photoshop

 Dragon by Sloan Nota                public domain images, Photoshop


 Self Portrait by Sloan Nota             photography, Photoshop


Future art prognosis: yesterday I compiled a catalog of just my Photoshop images.  A bunch.  As I make progress on a new idea I’ll post some results here.


look further:

Still artwork:

Math-based animations:

Still and animation combined:


Note to my readers –

This post was begun in leisure and finished in fast forward.  Sorry for any inconsistencies.  I’ll gladly answer any questions I’ve left you with.  Thanks.


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