Big: Elephants Where They Don’t Belong part 1

Big: Elephants Where They Don’t Belong part 1

Babar the Elephant by Jean de Brunhoff (originally in French)     via Muse Reviews

Elephants are big in non-native cultures like the United States, Europe,  Japan.  We have Babar, Dumbo and the massive mascot of the GOP.  Why elephants have thudded into our hearts more than hippos or camels I don’t know.  My next few blogposts will be a celebration of the visual elephant as the West and un-elephanted East envision it.

1862 lithograph by E.B. Kellogg and E.C. Kellogg   See an argument that this pre-dates the Thomas Nast GOP elephant by 2 years, at elektratig


These two images started me on my quest:


An Elephant Rubbing Itself Against a Tree by Roelant Savery (Flemish, 1576 – 1639)     via Google Art Project

Painting of Elephants by Wu Guanzhong (Chinese, 1919-2010)     via chinaonlinemuseum


A Modest Serving of Elephants

Elephant in a Landscape by Tiepolo (Italian, 1727 – 1804)     via The Metropoloitan Museum of Art 


Rembrandt drawing of an elephant, 1637     via

Who Will Bell the Cat? etching by Francisco Goya, 1820      via Harris Schrank Fine Prints

Elephant and Monkey by Henri Guerard (1846 – 1897)     via artexpertswebsite

Rudyard Kipling’s illustration for his story The Elephant’s Child/How the Elephant Got His Trunk, 1902     via British Library English Timeline


Alexander Calder, Elephant, 1930/Cast 1966    via Cave to Canvas

Early 20th Century leather elephant     via Bonhams

Alexander Calder, Elephant Chair with Lamp, 1928     via San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Wire elephant, 1928, by Alexander Calder    via gg-art

Elephant drawing by e. e. cummings, ca 1921    via The Metropoloitan Museum of Art

Dali sculpture of an Elephant with long legs         via thedailytelecraft

Salvador Dali, The Temptation of Saint Anthony (1946)  via 40hoursinbrisbane

Salvador Dali, Swans Reflecting Elephants (1937)    via fathomlessmystery

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