Less Art for More Art Savvy

Less Art for More Art Savvy

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Website Change by Sloan Nota (061220 11dd)

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(Less Art for More Art Savvy)



Those of you following this website from the beginning know that it is still in a shakedown mode. My coder, metazai Productions, says railroad folks call this the teething stage.


The groupings of art I’ve been posting have been more or less eight images each. But it occurs to me that my sheer volume of output may be overwhelming.


What I want is that you find things to look at and ponder in the art and the accompanying topic, not that you blitz through examples. So I’ve started posting about four images per topic. Each group has a theme, a story, as usual, but not every dish is on the menu.


Looking is a skill that there’s no end to getting better at. Bare-eyeballs is the kind I mean. Forget lenses, machines, AI. Just you and what you’re looking at.


Size and resolution matter. The bigger your screen, the better you see. We think we’ve outgrown that. How? Eyes don’t have any new skills than they had before.



Ask questions of what you see. You ask, you answer, how can you be wrong? However if you don’t ask questions however will you learn?



Where I grew up you went up a short road, then had to turn right or left. For home, I’d turn left. At some point, probably in college, I realized that my eyes were glued in a scanning pattern for that corner. I noted the same inconsequential landmarks every time I turned. It was darn near impossible to change that longstanding routine. I’d been practicing ever since getting into the driver’s seat.



Seeing can easily devolve into a physical habit during which you’re thinking blah-blah-blah about your lunch.

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