Get There and Vote

Get There and Vote


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If you are a citizen of a democracy, vote.  

If you are a US citizen, today is your day.


If you break your foot, get crutches.  Vote.

If your cow falls down the well, think how awful four years under the wrong man will be. Call your neighbors to save the cow.  Go vote.

If you win an international honor coveted by thousands, lead the reporters to the ballot box. Don’t get diverted.  Vote.


Do you complain about Government?  Shut up and vote.  

Then you can complain again.

Are you too cynical?  Wake up honey, this affects you


And if you’re like me, depend on government for keeping highways paved, hospitals and schools open, and, yes, disaster relief when needed — then you probably don’t need to be convinced, you vote, you’ve always voted.  But life happens.

So please, on this day, no matter what happens–  get there and vote.


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