The Wizards of 3D

The Wizards of 3D

The Wizards of 3D

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Alban Denoyel, Cédric Pinson and Pierre-Antoine Passet are three men who saw a gaping hole in technology and chargeright into it without a blueprint.

They created the practicalities that made 3D models as alive as Pinocchio. They created the software behind and seem to have the internal steam to aim for vast 3D market dominance.

(Aside: I read yesterday that WOW we have bacteria that will eat plastics! My reaction: and when all the plastic’s gone? Later dinner hilarity included teaching civics to bacteria. ˆNo no it’s not nice to eat cars, toothbrushes, replacement lenses for cataracts.”)

So when I now aver that I believe when Denoyel, Pinson and Passet wrote their code that they understood the long term implications before me.

It happens that I routinely mull what the effects are of the physical dimensions (2D,3D,4D) on the busy world. They spoke and my ear was already to the wall.

In modern times humans invented moving pictures (4D). Notably neither clever chimpanzees nor gray parrots have. Industries have flourished around movies and TV. We’ve grown our abilities to form great audiences that pale in comparison to folks circled around Homer’s telling of the Iliad. Think of lights at a Patriots game, loudspeakers, billboard sized moving picture screens.

We’ve passed in and out of fads where audiences donned 3d glasses.

But until now, Eye Candy. Today we’re on the brink of art you will experience with your hands. But you won’t be able to break it. To quiz a Pablo Picasso pottery bird you will ask questions that can’t be satisfied in a museum. Professionals will 3D scan the fragile reality and you may now ask what he hid on the bottom.

Run your mind over the trove of 3d forms crafted with a 3d mindset — the Venus of Willendorf made 25,000-3o,000 years ago. Rodin’s seated Thinker. The particular feet on a 19th C. bathtub that somehow still survives. Think of the growing need for 3D archivalists.

You will need to learn new questions.

Ask questions about what kind of questions serve you best.

Plenty of advice will appear online telling you how to adjust. A few will be useful.

You can decide.

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