Photoshop Grids

Awhile ago I inadvertently turned on Photoshop’s preference for placing a grid over every new file. Some areas had a tighter mesh than others. So I started taking screen shots of images with their two-scale grids.



There’s something soothing about the reliably straight lines reacting to the image, the details soliciting the finer mesh. I collected a small bunch and they clearly needed more made of them. Here are four examples.



The first two artworks both use photos by Susan Yin and Tom Barrett on unsplash.




Third artwork has an overlay of a photo by yolky and at least two other photographers on unsplash. I figure once I’ve changed someone’s photo enough that I can’t ID it then ethics and goodwill have been served.




In the fourth, the feathery shape is from Sebastian Kanczok on unsplash, The funky grid is my work.



090120 23 grids

090120 23 grids

susan-yin-I7I4cir4dTc-unsplash GRID5

susan-yin-I7I4cir4dTc-unsplash GRID5

03 copy

052520 07c

052520 07c

04 copy

052520 02dd

052520 02dd

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