By on October 15th, 2020

101120 35e by Sloan Nota


Disconnected from the Internet

A sudden disconnect from the internet is like what the old folk song says about old age: It won’t kill you but it’ll sure slow you down. Those esoteric words circle your head and mainly spin off into space before they can be satisfactorily nailed. All those words ending in -ence and -ance that were firmly in place right after high school are marching bands distracted and wandering in each other’s way.  Is there anyone without their cyber touchstones? A friend has maybe seven cartoons he visits daily.



Rarely do I ask how the net shapes my attitudes, behaviors, quirks. But it’s a force, a weather, a friend in the next cubicle. Without it I need grunt work to keep me in a groove. Thousands of art files refiled in the past few days.


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7 months ago

Beautiful image!