Quick heads-up on free textures

Quick heads-up on free textures

CG Textures, an endless compendium of images, is just now processing a new batch of animal and bird photographs.  Glorious!  If you don’t already have an account, sign up — you can download up to 15 MB free daily.  Or pay yearly and get up to 100 MB daily, plus the ability to download their biggest images.  I pay and use the images in a hundred ways.

… Like this leopard-and-tiger skin blanket to keep your virtual toes warm all winter.  I call it Purrr because the cats are still alive.


Purrr,  a Blanket for Virtual Toes by Sloan Nota

About the patterns.  The main part of the blanket started as a CG Textures leopard and became a pattern in SymmetryMill.  Then I imported that pattern back into SymmetryMill to create an even more complex pattern.

If you have an interest in patterns, this is a nice strategy.  Best to start with a large file — the leopard image is over 3500 x 2500 pixels.  The pattern unit used above, about 2000 pixels square.

Photoshop lets you upload patterns and makes it easy to scale them to your need.


Money.  I’m not an advocate for online budget-breakers, but here I am talking up two services that I pay for.  CG Textures and more recently SymmetryMill are a constant source of inspiration and creative flow for me.  Don’t pay for anything you won’t get plenty back from.

Zeedallion by Sloan Nota


Addendum, a few hours later.  My first holiday image of the season.  One zebra can go a long way.

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