The NOTA-WEBSTER Dictionary

The NOTA-WEBSTER Dictionary

The NOTA-WEBSTER Dictionary

copyright Sloan Nota 2000-2020



abmollify v To mollify improperly, so as to irk, insult or anger instead.

agriformalities n Modern produce; tasteless products of agribusiness.

armpitian adj Smelling like certain cheeses, such as Limburger.





biodegrading adj Behavior unbefitting a lifeform.

boogiemanize v [of men] 1) To frighten, harass or do violence to a woman. 2) To instill a general fear of male violence in.





celebations n [fr. ‘celebrations’ and ‘celibate’] Celebrations in which no sex occurs. Sometimes include ablutions.

contraconical adj As a mortarboard is to a dunce cap.

counterbalance v To put the left orthotic in the right shoe, and the right in the left.

cornucopic adj Abundant; generous.

crapsmanship (n) The opposite of craftsmanship.

crisco clear adj Obfuscated.

crow crankus n Hitchcockian masses of crows congregating in trees and cawing, cawing, cawing.

cruxified adj Paralyzed by a need to establish truths before acting.





downlifting adj Converse of uplifting. (“It was an exceedingly downlifting documentary.”)

discombobulae n pl Those stray evidences of things that don’t quite get done.

dreamnormal adj (said of dreams or waking life) Characterized by the surreal or impossible.

drivers-seat stoicism n A state of believing that moving objects on the road are merely moving objects, and not personal insults. (Said to be as hard to attain, and harder to maintain, than satori.)

Driving to Dismember n An infraction similar to Driving to Endanger, but worse.





elefont n A large printing font, such as SWISS721 BlkEx BT Black.

encapsulographic adj Non-narrative. Showing in a word picture without explaining.

endearium n A small and thoughtful gift, esp. when unexpected





FIS n [False Immunity Syndrome] A condition affecting most of humanity. The rest are paranoid.

fabule n A unit of false belief, esp. one used to fool oneself.

fedophobe n One who is afraid of federal government.

flababilty n An ability that develops particularly in middleage.

flimbo n That state of being where you tell yourself you’re in limbo, but you’re really on pretty shaky ground.

fogwash n The product of a spin doctor.

followship n Chelas and true believers (“the followship of Krishnamurti”).





gynocrit n A misogynist, esp. a loud or proud one.

gynodynamic adj Energized and/or fortified by contact with women.

gyrocrat n A king or queen of the dance floor.





hemanity n Those who populate the male universe (“In all of hemanity, you are the one.”) Cf. shemanity.

hook-line-and-clinker adj  A food fish which has ingested part of an old tire.





iambiguity n A tricky achievement in poetry.

industrivorous adj Eating an industriodigestive diet (one heavy in industrial chemicals).

instantity n That quality, bordering on insanity, that expects and demands instant gratification.

intraface n The inner manifestation of one’s character. (“the expression on her intraface was a snarl.”)





jibberal n (1) An airheaded liberal who has long since ceased to consider the meaning or consequences of each liberalism; a knee-jerk liberal. (2) The spoutings of such persons.

Jungjunk n [pronounced Yoong-Yunk] Dubious theories extrapolated from the ideas of Carl Gustav Jung. A pitfall CGJ sometimes fell into.





kiva clothes n Clothing that is heavy, and/or made of fabric that doesn’t breathe well; clothing that makes you sweat.

kneepercussions n  Joggers’ lament.





legendize v 1) To work to make a legend of oneself; to self-promote. 2) To work at making a legend of someone else.





multitransambulate v 1) To make multiple trips back and forth, as when bringing groceries in from the car. 2) To pace.

mundanitize v [fr. mundane + sanitize] 1) To make (as someone or something exceptional or ethereal) mundane and ordinary; to bring down or hold down. 2) To explain away the special as humdrum.





neutrino art n Art that goes straight through you without touching a cell of your brain or heart.





obscenery n The Grand Canyon with deodorant billboards.

omnicide n A power developed by humans in the mid-20th C.

osteophemeromed adj Having aging, less potent, chemical signals.





paleopaleface n An aging and unsunned person.

petaflop n The posture of some four-legged pets in a heatwave, back legs voluntarily splayed like something Julia Child would do to a chicken. v To assume such a pose.

phagopsychotic adj Having an eating disorder, such as bulemia.

piranhadistance n A measure of the distance wisely kept between oneself and dangerous persons.

plutotypical adj Typical of the wealthy classes.

pre-mensal syndrome n Hunger.

psychoballistic adj Easily enraged; having a hair-trigger temper (a quality of societies as well as of individuals).

psychodignify v To attribute psychological depth or significance to (as an idea); often used spuriously or via psychobabble.

psychometabolize v To inwardly process experience. [“She psychometabolizes fear differently than I do.”]





retromythology n The explanations, actually incorrect, that a person develops about their own past, which they believe, are comforted by, and disseminate.

Rockette science n An endeavor requiring discipline, synchronization and flexibility.





salinunctuous adj [fr. saline + unctuous] Using two-edged remarks in which rudeness is embedded in seemingly deferential statements.

sarchasm n The distance between two people caused by the sarcasm of one of them, esp. when chronic.

slickophant n A skilled and cynical sycophant.

solipservice n Self-serving lip service.

solipscissors n By means of which one prunes untidy facts of other people’s feelings.

solipsisters n Women you get together to complain about life.

stunoid n 1. A startling piece of information. 2. A really good looking person.





technobobbles n Remember the crash?

toxbop n An exposure to toxic substances.





umtangle v To confuse and abash.





wilticism n A cutting remark or put-down.





zenophobia n Fear of paradoxes.

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