Now What?

Now What?

Mama, what’s wrong? Shush! Reality just went poof! Don’t talk that way. Someone might hear. Yes child, listen to your mother. Reality went poof, that’s not so bad. Smoke is OK?  Sure it is. Look at that little chipmunk over there!





Death seems an unhealthy option so I have to accept that I can’t outrun blindness. The terrible blindness is when your world goes black. Macular degeneration generally leaves your peripheral vision fairly intact. It’s only that wherever you turn your eyes, that’s where you see blur.




The fovea which sits amidst the retina of each of your eyes is a pit the size of a sand grain. In this pit is everything you want to see. Like artwork you assess. Like printed words. Like the snake sunning in your path.


My left fovea went over a decade ago. The vision of my right degrades as the watch-face ticks.

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