Motion 01: Visual Math and Video Dance

Motion 01: Visual Math and Video Dance

Visual Math and Video Dance

I’ve recently returned to two old favorites — the math visualization program Graphing Calculator and the video effects editor Apple Motion. What’s new is the pairing of the two. I create a moving image in Graphing Calculator then make a moving pattern of it or a sequential display in Motion. These of course are sketches, early tries.


Playing around as befits a Playground entry.


  1. Two equation variations on an unlikely structure.


  1. This is a videorecorded screen with 3 separate Graphing Calculator screens aligned and playing variations on the same equation.


  1. Several related equations overlapping, blending.


  1. An Apple Motion ballet of one Jarek Snuszka equation with variations. Made in the application Graphing Calculator. Snuszka was a poet of mathematics. He died in 2019.