Interference Effects

moire [moiré] n. an independent usually shimmering pattern seen when two geometrically regular patterns (such as two sets of parallel lines or two halftone screens) are superimposed especially at an acute angle.  Merriam-Webster


In Photoshop I’ve been able to play with interference  effects — you may know them as moire patterns. Because you see them on a pixel-grid screen your eyes may register differences in a moire pattern shown at several sizes. I assume this is because the grids interfere with each other.


In the illustration below you see two sets of parallel lines of dots being offset to produce a moire pattern. I like how they combine, work with Photoshop’s layer effects, contrast with non-moire art effects in the same artwork.



Copyright-free image from, via Wikipedia


Last image, The Cove, uses a riot of snipped-up interference patterns to convey choppy waters.


I’m a big fan of any kind of distortion. I once made a recording of small handmade glass balls being rolled inside a hubcap. Then I slowed it to the maximum my software allowed. I can fall blissfully into the spell of that recording still.



01 040319 28dd darken multi-moire PATT copy SM

Interference Check (040319 28dd)

Interference Check (040319 28dd)

02 ;091919 22h copy 3

Fresnel Fantasy (091919 22h)

Fresnel Fantasy (091919 22h)

03 ;040919 05e copy 3 SM

Interference and Non (040919 05e)

Interference and Non (040919 05e)

04 040319 28hh hard light multi-moire PATT copy SM

The Cove (040319 28hh)

The Cove (040319 28hh)

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