Playground 081020


This is the third collection of video tries in Apple’s Motion. I like how I’m progressing. But today I downloaded something small from the Apple Apps app (a phrase too apt to ignore) and I imagine in the next Playground you’ll be seeing what kind of image-mixing I can explore with it.


Of the four test movies here the first two use only files that ship with Motion. The last two use my own art.

Inward with the Droste Spiral

Playground Layered Shapes

Using Photoshop Paintbucket Tool and Patterns
to Make Abstractions from Photos

LuxDraw by Norbyte

Including a Motif

Blue Light

The App Girih

Tile Photos FX, puzzle-cut mode

The App Scale: Beautiful Fractals

Torso Incognito

3-D Materials

Photoshop Grids

Cutting Up Art with the App Tiles FX

Motion 03: More Complex

Motion 02: Stacked Math Movies

Motion 01: Visual Math and Video Dance

Interference Effects

Years of Tries at 3D Effects

Squiggles with Patterns

3d Models as Paint Brushes, Plus Glazes

3 Images from 1 Source



Compound Eye from ImageTricks







AutoType Writing