Playground 081020


This is the third collection of video tries in Apple’s Motion. I like how I’m progressing. But today I downloaded something small from the Apple Apps app (a phrase too apt to ignore) and I imagine in the next Playground you’ll be seeing what kind of image-mixing I can explore with it.


Of the four test movies here the first two use only files that ship with Motion. The last two use my own art.


3-D Materials

Photoshop Grids

Cutting Up Art with the App Tiles FX

Motion 03: More Complex

Motion 02: Stacked Math Movies

Motion 01: Visual Math and Video Dance

Interference Effects

Years of Tries at 3D Effects

Squiggles with Patterns

3d Models as Paint Brushes, Plus Glazes

3 Images from 1 Source



Compound Eye from ImageTricks







AutoType Writing