The 3D Merry-Go-Round

The 3D Merry-Go-Round

The 3D Merry-Go-Round

Some 3D models have a pivot point. You the viewer will experience their spaces in a singular way.

Feel how your relationship to the model changes in these examples.

Feel where the pivot is in this model.

Here the heroes turn to face you as you dial around circle.

credits: Heroes carousel by ELBRIGA

The sundial shadows are your pointers here.

credit: Cactus Set by LAURIE ANNIS. Price $10.

Another way of going around, here with numbered points of view.

credits: VR Metaverse Zen Space | Modern Gallery | Baked by CHRISTYHSU.  Price @12.99.

Here it might be a hairbrush or a postcard or a seated cat, the viewer is outside pondering what’s to be found within their grasp. In this special sphere you can dive inside for a more complex view.

credit: Letter Sphere by SMICE.

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