Layered Shapes

I’ve started working with another meaning-bearing aspect of image-joinery, the silhouette. Even with plain metal cookie cutters you can tell an Abraham Lincoln from a moose. We read outlines.
What’s inside the man-or-moose can be as lifelike as one a fine painter would render. Or you can fill it with plaid. Your moose may in place of realistic choppers have something more like Bullwinkle’s. Lincoln, too: buckteeth.
What fills the silhouette changes the meaning without bending a bit of metal. They’re like nouns and verbs — shapes and fills can’t replace each other. You there with the eyeballs, have the means to understand.

012621 29c

012621 29c

012821 11d

012821 11d

012421 02P contrast

012421 02P contrast

012321 15c

012321 15c

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