The App Girih


This isn’t the feature I’d planned but I have yet again (again again again…) had my Apple password go incognito. Twenty-some years and they still shed me like water off an oilskin.






Today does feature the Stefan Hintz app Girih. It lets you experiment with Islamic tilings and tilings more fanciful. A full-featured app, complemented by Hintz’s companion app Zellige. I enjoy playing in this sandbox.



Note the akimbo pattern of almost-squares. These slightly skewed variations would allow a careful person to construct some wild sci-fi spaces.



I’m more interested in going at it it freeform rather than learning rules for applying it. So here is another example of why (if you’re on the Mac) you may want to check it out.


112220 22

112220 22

112320112220 18B

112320112220 18B

Inward with the Droste Spiral

Playground Layered Shapes

Using Photoshop Paintbucket Tool and Patterns
to Make Abstractions from Photos

LuxDraw by Norbyte

Including a Motif

Blue Light

The App Girih

Tile Photos FX, puzzle-cut mode

The App Scale: Beautiful Fractals

Torso Incognito

3-D Materials

Photoshop Grids

Cutting Up Art with the App Tiles FX

Motion 03: More Complex

Motion 02: Stacked Math Movies

Motion 01: Visual Math and Video Dance

Interference Effects

Years of Tries at 3D Effects

Squiggles with Patterns

3d Models as Paint Brushes, Plus Glazes

3 Images from 1 Source



Compound Eye from ImageTricks







AutoType Writing