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credit: Rodger Boehm at https://www.birdsandblooms.com/birding/attracting-birds/feeding-birds/scarlet-tanagers-oranges/

My ideal artwork would combine the nose-print of James Joyce, a Japanese embroidery in a pattern (wallpaper group p4mof show-off scarlet tanagers feasting on orange-halves, and a percussion track based on the song-prints of nightingales.

It would have descriptors for each component that led you widely through the O.E.D. Hand-made, machine-made. Visual, audio. Human-based, noun-based. Soft, hard, heard.

It would fill a yes in my creative ideas (which remain wordless) and feel that the pieces fell together into an unexpected whole.

The embroidery must show a canny skill. The colors must include an orange that clangs. The nose print must disclose perspiration from the forehead. The nightingales must be glad.

Because I yearn for differences that combine to speak poetry, and because I don’t achieve that often enough. Because of this, I keep making art.


This artist’s statement is from an age ago but it still warms my heart. Hence I include it tucked under a newer rewrite.

My statement will be this. I have demons, I have a jolly jokester; sex, rage and bunny rabbits all find a place in me. I’m not nuts, I’m human — and being human I can’t explain.

Making visual images is no different from from manipulating words. Damn same stuff. It comes from down in the everything-you-know, the unconscious where desires meet gerunds and the color green shakes hands with algebra.

My output is ordered accordingly. I work in styles and media that don’t communicate much with each other but that all lead like kite strings back to me.

I can’t explain my output to you — so please click through the images below. If you feel the disjunct, feel it in your bones perhaps, you understand this is a statement about my work.


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