Peacock IV

Peacock IV

Day 4 of a going-away tribute to‘s Peacock

Bet you wish you had a tool that could draw like this — just one of Peacock’s sub-tools, Shape Draw. The fluency and flexibility are miles beyond Photoshop’s reach.  More examples?


This Bluebird of Happiness feather was a technique breakthrough for me.  I wanted to keep the look of individual barbs going up the feather shaft but also wanted them to taper.    Shape Draw includes controls that let you specify length, angle and much more.

I’ve used Photoshop’s move-and-replicate feature.  Each iteration requires key commands, and to change direction, scale, spin also requires a dedicated maneuver.    If I’d had to hand specify each barb on the feather…  I would’ve made a blue balloon.

And Shape Draw has other ways to play.  Four ways to array a single ring that was striped with gradients.  Patterning, 2d design effects, exciting surfaces.

Shape Draw is irreplaceable.  When Peacock goes you won’t find this powerful playful tool anywhere, not anywhere at all.

To be continued….



Today through September 15th when Peacock, and the rest of including its community will disappear.

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